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Fish for smallmouth bass, muskie, walleye, perch, pike and more in the big blue clear waters of Michigan & Ontario's Lake St. Clair! 

Don't forget ice fishing & duck hunting season on Lake St. Clair... We have houses and cottages to rent on Lake St. Clair where you can walk to ice fishing on Bouvier Bay and Anchor Bay.  Duck hunting on Lake St. Clair is only a short boat ride away.  Or drive 10 minutes by car and take the ferry to Harsens Island or to Walpole Island Canada for duck hunting on Lake St. Clair.


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PHOTOS - St. Clair River Vacation Rental  - Marine City, MI

PHOTOS - Sunset Bay House Rental on Lake St. Clair - Clay Twp., MI

PHOTOS - Lake St. Clair Guest House on Bouvier Bay - Fair Haven, MI

PHOTOS - Vacation House Bouvier Bay N. Anchor Bay - Fair Haven, MI

PHOTOS - Lake St. Clair Loft on Anchor Bay - Harrison Township, MI

PHOTOS - North Channel Vacation Home off Lake St. Clair - Algonac/Clay Twp., MI

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Lake St. Clair is a fresh water lake that is surrounded by Michigan and Ontario, Canada.  The lake is located about 6 miles north of Detroit.  Lake St. Clair is 430 square miles of water area.  It is 26 miles from the north to the south, and about 24 miles from east to west.  Lake St. Clair is connected to Lake Huron via the St. Clair River, and then flows to Lake Erie via the Detroit River.  The St. Clair River is 39 miles long and flows into the largest freshwater delta in the U.S., which is called the "St. Clair Flats."

Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, and the Delta of the North, South, and Middle Channels are some of the greatest bass, muskie, sturgeon, and walleye fishing in the world!  Call early for reservations...rooms fill up fast!

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Michigan Law Changes

We wanted to give you a update to some new regulations for fishing Muskie in Michigan waters. The D.N.R. has now implemented a new Muskie tag that is needed to keep a Muskie. I know we practice catch and release but we may encounter a Muskie that dies or we may have it in the live well and they could say that it was in our possession. So the thing to do is obtain a Muskie tag, which are free when you purchase your Michigan licenses. It is also necessary to have both the license and tag in your possession on all fishing trips!

Canada Law Changes

Canada has a new policy that they have implemented to protect their boarders. They have made it so everyone has to check in with their boarder agency C.B.S.A., whether it is a personal trip or on a charter. This would be the same process as if you were crossing their border by land, only we are able to do it over the phone.

We will be calling in on all our trips into Canadian waters! We will have a daily manifest with everyone’s name and birthdate, before we leave the dock. I will handle all the calls and deal with the boarder security issues. This being said everyone will need some picture ID along with some proof of citizenship. We should have no problems or delays due to the calling in to the C.B.S.A. However Canada has different laws than we do, which is where a problem may occur.

They will NOT allow anyone into their country that has been convicted of a felony. Canada considers any drunk driving offences as a felony, however that may be over looked due to number of offences and time lapsed from the offence. It is at the discretion of the officer on the phone. They have restated the law to allow lenience to the drinking offences due to the number of people who had them, so they have left it up to the officer taking the call. Now this will only affect our charters to the extent of fishing in Canada. We don’t anticipate any issues, however if it is found that one of the guests on the charter is NOT allowed in Canada, we can still do our charter and will fish in Michigan waters. The fees for the Canadian licenses purchased will not be refundable. We will not cancel nor reschedule any charters due to the denial of entry into Canada.

This law has been in effect for many years but just recently has been enforced with stringent penalties for noncompliance. We have also found that it is a simple and easy process that is not intended to inhibit any fisherman but only to protect their boarders from illegals and from terrorists.